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Champagne Recipes

Using champagne in your recipes is much like cooking with any wine. You need not use expensive champagne, and leftovers will work fine as long as they are not over a week old. Try some of these wonderful recipes using champagne. Use your browser's BACK button to navigate easily between the links below and this list.

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Champagne Recipes

•  Baked Ham in Champagne
•  Caviar Torte with Champagne Onions
•  Champagne Dill Carrots
•  Champagne Kraut
•  Champagne Melon Peach Soup
•  Champagne Punch
•  Champagne Vinaigrette
•  Chicken Breasts in Champagne Sauce
•  Glacier Punch - Alcoholic
•  French Onion Soup Gratinee (Soupe a L'Oignon Gratinee)
•  Mango Jalapeno Sauce
•  Peach and Champagne Sorbet
•  Pink Champagne Cake
•  Raspberry Thyme Vinegar
•  Salmon in Champagne Sauce
•  Seafood Brochettes with Tomato-Basil Champagne Sauce
•  Tropical Fruit Champagne Granita
•  Vegetable and Champagne Soup

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