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Oxtail Recipes

Oxtail Information and Tips
If you arrived here via a search engine, don't miss the full informational article on Oxtails with history and kitchen tips. Oxtails are actually the tail of the cow and make wonderful soups and stews. If you have difficulty finding oxtails in your locale, you can substitute meaty veal or beef neck, short rib, shank or other various soup bones, but don't expect quite as robust a flavor. As with any recipe, feel free to modify it to meet the needs and tastes of your own family.

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Oxtail Recipes

•  Barbecue Braised Oxtails with Red Chili Beans
•  Basque Oxtails (Behi Buztanak Anda Goriren Zaltzan)
•  Braised and Grilled Oxtails
•  Braised Oxtails
•  Braised Oxtail with Carrots
•  Braised Oxtails with Mushrooms
•  Braised Oxtails with Rutabaga
•  Breaded Oxtails
•  Country Oxtail Dinner
•  Garden Barley Oxtail Soup
•  Herbed Oxtail Terrine
•  Kare Kare (Oxtails with Tripe)
•  Jamaican Oxtail Stew
•  Malay Oxtail Soup
•  Mom's Oxtail Ragout
•  Oxtail Consomme with Custard Royale
•  Oxtail Dumplings
•  Oxtail and Lentil Soup
•  Oxtail Paté (Pate)
•  Oxtail Ragout with Beer
•  Oxtails, Roman Style
•  Oxtails Stewed in Pasta Sauce (Pressure Cooker)
•  Oxtail Soup
•  Spicy Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Soup
•  Stewed Oxtail, Oriental-Style

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